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Cardiovascular Endocrinology

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Testosterone Therapy: Treatment of Metabolic Disturbances in Heart Failure

HF is a chronic multisystem disease process which is wrought with significant morbidity, mortality and is burdensome on the health care system. Optimal medical management is oftentimes inadequate in fully controlling symptoms. As the end stage of HF results in a catabolic, pro-inflammatory condition, more attention to the effects of metabolic therapies is needed. The testosterone deficiency found in chronic HF patients may represent a contributing element to symptom status. Testosterone Supplementation has been shown to improve functional, biochemical and several prognostic markers in patients with HF. More research is necessary to fully understand the potential for Testosterone therapy in HF.

Testosterone Therapy: Treatment of Metabolic Disturbances in HF

Pros and Cons of HGH Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease Heart Failure

Statistics: 1 - 2% of total world population Prevalence 0.1% ca. 500,000 patients in US probability to survive 40 - 80% (1 year), 10 - 50 % (5 years).

Cardinal symptoms:
  • Decreased exercise tolerance
  • Dyspnea - Orthopnea
  • Fatigue
  • Nocturia
  • Fluid retention / edema
  • End-stage: Cachexia

Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease Heart Failure



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